We’re one step closer to launching!

We’re one step closer to launching! And we’re looking for your help!

This week we got the keys to the space that will become the Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop. It’s right on Aberfeldy’s town square, in the shop previously occupied by Square Feet.

The directors of Draft & Flow

We’re super excited (though a bit daunted!), and we’re really looking forward to having a dedicated space to work on bikes, and to connect with other bike fans. Over the coming weeks we’ll be outfitting the space, with an aim to formally open our doors in early July 🤞. This means renovating the space into a fully functioning workshop, which will initially include:

  • Workstations with tools for DIY repairs and learning: tools, bike stands, and parts for doing repairs yourself, or with guidance, and learning bike maintenance;
  • Cycle servicing: a full-service bike workshop to get your bike fixed or tuned;
  • Parts, accessories, and clothing: to keep you riding, we’ll be focusing on frequently needed parts, accessories, and clothing to get you back on your bike as fast as possible.

Thankfully we’ve received some funding to help us get started, 100% of which is going toward capital and start-up expenses. The three of us (Brett, Nick and Jerome) are volunteering our time setting it all up. But we’ll need some help to get rolling – and we could really do with your help.

To outfit the workshop, we’re asking for donations of workshop fittings. This includes:

  • Workbenches (sturdy wood or metal-topped workbenches, with or without drawers);
  • Tool drawers & storage bins;
  • Peg boards;
  • Standalone shelving (sturdy metal shelving for stock storage);
  • Specific tools (air compressor, bench vice, shop vac, steel bin)

If you’re able to donate any of the items above, please get in touch with us at Donations like these will be extremely useful, give new life to your unused equipment, and allow us to use the funding we’ve received to go further*.

Don’t have any workshop fittings to donate but want to get involved? Or ideas on what you’d like to see in the cycle workshop? We’d love to hear them! We’ll be seeking volunteers and more feedback soon, so please give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter.

As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported us - if you’ve contributed in any way - by completing the survey, getting your bike(s) serviced, voting for us, donating a bike, or even just some words of encouragement. You’ve helped make this happen, so thank you!

So stay tuned for more updates! And in the meantime, if your ride is in need of repair please get in touch as this is also a great way to support us.

*  Draft & Flow is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C. -  Schedule 2) and aims to be financially self-sustaining in the long-term, with profits reinvested into local cycle initiatives and activities.

Can you help?

If you have workshop fittings no longer in use, we would be happy to give them a new life!

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