E-bike Servicing

Servicing and support for your e-bike

E-bikes have advanced cycling into a new era. They're speedy, eco-friendly and cost-effective modes of transport, and can make ascending the steep hills around Aberfeldy or multiple laps at Glassie much more enjoyable. But e-bikes are also complex machines/computers. Regular servicing of your e-bike is necessary to keep it in top-shape and prevent costly repairs.

CyTechBosch E-bike Certified
  • Firmware Updates
  • Battery Capacity Testing
  • Error Diagnosis
  • Configuration Changes
  • Device Pairing
  • Service Reminders

We're Bosch Certified and will ensure your e-bike is serviced correctly for care-free riding and reduced maintenance costs. On your first servicing with us we'll recommend a maintenance schedule for your bike to ensure it continues to run as good as new, and can assist with any issues or desired changes with the e-bike's electronics.

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