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Educational courses on bike maintenance

Cycle service education is a key part of our mission to empower people to maintain and repair their bikes. We offer a range of courses to help you learn how to maintain your bike, diagnose problems, and fix common issues. And our courses are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience level.

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Upcoming Courses

  • Fix-a-Flat
    Next: Wed 10 Jul

    Learn how to fix one of the most common issues you'll encounter with your bike.

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  • On-a-Ride Fixes
    Next: Wed 24 Jul

    Common fixes for issues on-a-ride, and how to prep your bike before and after a ride.

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  • Drivetrain Servicing
    Next: Wed 14 Aug

    Prep your drivetrain for the coming season and learn to fix common issues!

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  • Wheel Workshop
    Next: Wed 18 Sep

    Prep your wheels for the coming season! 

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  • Brake Servicing
    Next: Wed 13 Nov

    Learn to service one of the most important components on your bike - your brakes!

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Our Courses

Don't see a course you're interested in above? We hold a variety of courses throughout the year, so check back often, or subscribe, for new courses.

  • Fix-a-Flat - the most common issue for most bikes
  • On-a-Ride Maintenance - learn how to ensure your bike is ready to ride, how to fix common problems you'll encounter during a ride, and what to do after a ride to ensure your bike stays in great condition.
  • Brake Servicing - Learn to diagnose common problems and maintain your bike's brakes. This course is a hands-on course so bring your bike if desired.
  • Drivetrain Servicing - The ins-and-outs of keeping the drivetrain (gears, chains, cranks) of your bike working smoothly.
  • Wheel Workshop - Ensuring your wheels are working well can dramatically improve the ride of your bike.
  • Wheel Building - Build a wheel from the hub up.
  • Custom - Interested in learning something specific, or have a group that would like to learn together? Contact us to discuss a custom course.

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