Open Workshop - You're Invited!

Save the date! On Wednesday, July 3rd we're officially opening the community cycle workshop!

From 10am to 6pm we’ll be working in the shop, offering FREE bike safety checks and basic tuneups*. And from 6-8pm we invite you to join us for snacks and drinks!

We’ll be happy to show you around the new workshop, what we offer, and answer any questions about upcoming courses, future plans, and how you can get involved.

This is also a great time to drop-off any bikes you wish to donate. We’ll either get the bike back into working order and find it a new home, or reuse any serviceable parts in our spare parts bin. No bike is too old or broken - so before you take it to the tip, bring it by the workshop. And don't forget about memberships - a great way to support the workshop while getting benefits like discounts and access to tools.

* If your bike requires any replacement parts or lengthy servicing we’ll ask you to leave the bike with us

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