Introducing the Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop

Gear up, Aberfeldy! Introducing our town’s new cycle workshop

You're cruising down the Strath Tay’s picturesque roads, soaking in the stunning Highlands scenery, when suddenly your bike decides to throw a tantrum and breaks down. Fear not, fellow cyclists, because help is now closer than ever before!

Gone are the days of trekking miles to the nearest service shop or waiting endlessly for parts to arrive. With Aberfeldy’s new cycle workshop, you'll have access to everything you need to keep your wheels spinning smoothly right here in town.

What’s the Aberfeldy Cycle Workshop all about?

It’s a dedicated space at the heart of our community that will have something for everyone, from total newbie cyclists to seasoned pros:

  • DIY repairs: Need to tweak your ride? Swing by the workshop and take advantage of our top-notch tools and equipment for all your repair needs.
  • Expert servicing: Leave the dirty work to us. Our team will give your bike the TLC it deserves with our comprehensive servicing options.
  • Build your own bike: Ready to customize your ride? Browse our selection of parts and components and build the bike of your dreams with a little help from our knowledgeable staff and volunteers.
  • Bike sales & rentals: Looking for a new set of wheels? Check out our inventory of bikes for sale or rent bikes (including e-bikes). Old bikes will be accepted as donations, refurbished for use or stripped for parts, and be made available at affordable prices.
  • Education & workshops: Want to learn the ropes of bike maintenance? Sign up for one of our hands-on workshops and become a bike-savvy pro in no time.

Where will the Cycle Workshop be located?

We already have a prime location secured on the main square in Aberfeldy. You may have seen signs in the window of the space formerly occupied by “Square Feet” – that’s where we’ll be! We hope this location will ensure lots of footfall and a convenient stopping point for anyone cycling through town.

Draft & Flow Bike Shop

Who will benefit from the Cycle Workshop?

  • Local residents: The Aberfeldy Infrastructure Report from 2017 estimates that Aberfeldy is likely to grow by around 25% by 2028, and 100% of the projected new homes will be located within a 20-minute walk (or a shorter cycle) from Aberfeldy’s main square. It will be crucial to support active travel of new and existing residents wherever possible. As a Community Interest Company, we plan to reinvest profits from the workshop into local initiatives such as cycle path development, cycling events and subsidised bikes. We believe that a more cycling-friendly community will help to attract and retain young people and families to our small, rural community.
  • Visiting cyclists: Cycling is on the rise in Aberfeldy and across the Strath Tay. Data from Strava Metro (which tracks riders using the Strava app) shows that 2023 was the most popular year for cycling in our region, with more people posting rides in Perthshire than any of the past 5 years. From the amazing roads, to the gravel tracks of Griffin and Calliachar, and the downhill trails of Glassie, Aberfeldy is quickly becoming a cycling mecca. A cycle workshop will help to support and increase this tourist segment.
  • Local businesses: Cycle tourism is expected to increase traffic to, and spending within, our local economy. The National Cycle Network Route 7 runs just past Aberfeldy on the north side of the River Tay, and because Aberfeldy is one of the best-serviced towns in the area, cyclists using this route will increasingly stop in Aberfeldy for food, lodging and local attractions. According to a recent report, these tourists spend more money than the average visitor. What’s more, by encouraging more local residents to ride, personal transportation costs could be reduced, leaving residents with more disposable income to spend in the local economy.
  • Local jobs and work experience: We hope to employ local residents for skilled roles at the workshop, such as bike maintenance experts. We will also provide work experience opportunities for those interested in the bike industry and bike maintenance.

We’ve received overwhelming support from the local community

As part of our research for the workshop, we ran an online survey to gather input from the community. The survey was promoted through the Aberfeldy Community Page on Facebook, a variety of community WhatsApp groups, and even a QR code in the window of our rental unit on the village square.

Draft & Flow Infographic

More than 200 people answered the survey, and over 95% of respondents supported the establishment of a cycling workshop. Our survey revealed some interesting trends:

  • Demand for repairs: 77% of participants expressed a desire for bike repair services right here in Aberfeldy. With over 60% of respondents revealing that they would have to travel 30 minutes or more by car to reach their nearest cycle repair shop, it’s high time we improved the convenience for local residents.
  • Thirst for knowledge: Over half of respondents (58%) are eager for educational workshops and courses
  • Tools of the trade: 34% of respondents would like access to bike tools for them to tinker to their heart's content.
  • Hyped to hire: Nearly a third of participants (28%) expressed interest in bike hire services. There’s clearly demand for convenient and affordable options for both locals and visitors alike.
  • Buying local: 48% of respondents would like to purchase bikes and cycling accessories right here in town. Say goodbye to online shopping woes – the future of retail is local!
  • Membership magic: A heartening majority (57%) of respondents would like to become paying members of a community cycle hub. A significant portion of them are willing to invest between £25 and £100 per year. That's what we call commitment!
  • Volunteer vibes: The spirit of community shines bright as 40% of respondents expressed a willingness to lend a hand, whether it's repairing bikes, organizing rides, or assisting with administrative tasks. We plan to take people up on their kind offers!

While there has been overwhelming support for the cycle workshop, a small minority (less than 5%) expressed concern with the idea. Reasons for this varied, but some people didn’t like the presence of cyclists on local roads. We believe that the cycle workshop will contribute to improving the relationship between various road users, by informing cyclists which roads are best for cycling, and when and how to exercise caution when riding them.

We have a sustainable financial model

The cycle workshop has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC), as it will require ongoing revenue to be financially sustainable in the long term. We plan to drive revenue through bike servicing, bike sales, bike hire, education and teaching courses, as well as memberships.

Memberships, which will likely cost £20–£50 per year depending on the user, will allow people to access tools and bike repair stations, as well as discounts on services and parts. These “members” will not have governance voting rights, but their feedback and input will be a driving influence in the decision-making at the workshop.

We’re excited to announce that we have secured premises on Aberfeldy’s town square - a highly visible and accessible location for riders and locals alike. And we already have accounts with many bike industry distributors so we’re able to stock parts from leading brands. So some great traction to start.

Nonetheless, funding remains difficult in the current economic climate. We are continually exploring different ways to fund initial startup costs, including from governmental grants.

How you can help

We have an application for funding to help with the purchase of tools. Please vote for us to receive grant funding from the Perth & Kinross Green Living Fund (voting opens on 12th Feb)!

Join the ride!

The cycle workshop is not just about fixing bikes - it's about building a community of passionate cyclists who share a love for adventure and exploration. Get notified for  updates on our opening and upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime, grab your helmets, oil those chains, and get ready to ride – the future of cycling in Aberfeldy has never looked brighter! 🚴‍♂️💨

(If you need your bike serviced before we open, contact us at or on 07457 403845).

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We need your help to open the Aberfeldy Cycle Workshop. Please vote for us to receive grant funding from the Perth & Kinross Green Living Fund! And continue reading to learn about how the workshop will help you and support our community.

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